Shaw Alphabet Books Privacy Policy

Shaw Alphabet Books is absolutely, 100% dedicated to protecting the privacy of all customers. On this site, I promise to have absolutely NO spyware, adware, tracking cookies, or anything that stores your information in any way. I don't track it, I don't want it, I don't care about it. Your private information is exactly that... YOURS, and PRIVATE!
Over the past few years, I've become thorougly disgusted with just how many companies there are out there who have NO problem with spying on us and not only selling it to other companies, but also freely sharing it with governmental spy agencies without our knowledge or consent without so much as a warrant, including heavy duty reputable companies which won't be mentioned here for fear of law suits. If you're on the internet at all, however, there's a VERY good chance that you use each and every one of them every single day.
The following is a list of sites which act as watch dogs and lobbyists on our behalf as well as software add-ons to your browser to make internet browsing as safe as possible. Together, we can clean up the web and let these spyware spreaders know where to go and what they can do with themselves when they get there.

Tim Browne
Owner/Operator/Sole Proprietor
Shaw Alphabet Books

Duck Duck Go - the search engine that doesn't track you.
Open Media - Government watchdog.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation - one of the first Government watchdogs on the internet and lobbyist for free speech rights.
Ghostery - blocks online trackers and shows you who's spying on you. Prepare to be shocked at just how many there are.
Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe) - blocks tracking cookies from harvesting your info, but still maintains full web page functionality. If Ghostery breaks a page, you can unbreak it by allowing it there and this one will still block the tracker.
Adblock Plus - blocks harmful adware.